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Another hit against the freedom of expression to the Western Thrace Turks in Greece13 June 2019

Judicial harassment policies are continuing with the intention of silencing the Millet Newspaper. For the collection of astronomical fines from our newspaper, the newspaper and its owners' bank accounts were confiscated.

Chara Nikopoulou who has sued our newspaper for one million euros compensation and has earned a 30.000 euro compensation with the decision of the Supreme Court. After six years, Nikopoulou has notified the decision again and requested 63.579,12 euro payment together with the court fees.

After the case on March 22, 2013, in which a 30 thousand euros of compensation was decided against our newspaper, it was appealed and finally, it ended with the ratification of the Supreme Court.

After six years, Nikopoulou has notified the decision again and requested 63.579,12 euro payment together with the interests.


According to the decision, unless the fine is paid it is predicted a 3 month of imprisonment for the General Director of the Newspaper. Chara Nikopoulou has had a confiscation decision taken against the owners Cengiz Ömer and Bilal Budur in order to receive the payment.

The confiscation was notified on May 22, 2019. After confiscating the bank accounts of Millet any financial transaction is blocked throughout the bank account. That is, any financial transfer is confiscated. By this way, it is obvious that the newspaper is forced to lose its function with these kinds of judicial harassments.


Chara Nikopoulou who was a teacher of a minority primary school in Büyük Derbent Village of Evros has sued MİLLET, GÜNDEM, and BİRLİK newspapers and demanded one million euros of compensation for fake news. This news was about the request of Nikopoulou from her students to draw Allah as a picture and the reaction of the public.

While BİRLİK newspaper has got rid of by apologizing, MİLLET and GÜNDEM newspapers have stood before the judge. In the first case, MİLLET was fined 120.000 euros with 30.000 euros in advance and GÜNDEM 120.000 euros with 20.000 euros in advance. As a result of this decision bank accounts of Cengiz Ömer and Bilal Budur from MİLLET, and Hülya Emin and Cemil Kabza were blocked.

After the objection of the decision, both MİLLET and GÜNDEM’s compensations were reduced to 30.000 euros. The 10-month imprisonments of Cengiz Ömer and Cemil Kabza were reduced to 3 months as well. Supreme court also reduced the court costs demanded by Nikopoulou from 5.400 to 1.800 euros.

After the appeal courts both Millet and Gündem has applied to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has approved the decision of the appeal courts.

Source: Millet Media


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