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120 students graduated from Celal Bayar Minority High School23 June 2022

A graduation ceremony was organized by the senior students who completed the 6-year education period at the Celal Bayar Minority Secondary and High School in Komotini.

Students who have successfully completed 6 years of education and will start their university life, their families, school principal Tunalp Mehmet, school administration, teachers, Board of Directors Fuat Perende, Sebahattin Çakır and Tarkan Multaza also attended the graduation ceremony.

Consul Neslihan Altan, representing the Consulate General of Turkey in Komotini, attended the graduation night.

At the ceremony, Chairman of the Board of Directors Fuat Perende, school principal Tunalp Mehmet and vice principal Eleni Haci made short speeches.

Consul Neslihan Altan from the Turkish Consulate in Komotini, who attended the graduation ceremony, congratulated the students who successfully completed the 6-year education. She gave advice to graduate students about the future and wished them success in their new education life.

Emphasizing that Celal Bayar High School has a very important and special place for the education of the Western Thrace Turkish Minority, Altan said, “I think it is a source of pride for you that you are getting a diploma from the prestigious education center that has served as a cultural bridge in the Turkey-Greece relations, which has a deep-rooted 70-year history. ” said.

Neslihan Altan said: “Our young people, all of whom are more precious than the other, today you are completing a very important period that you will proudly remember and commemorate in the future.

In addition to the joy of graduating from high school, I believe that it is another source of pride for you to receive a diploma from the prestigious education center that serves as a cultural bridge in the relations between Turkey and Greece, which has a deep-rooted 70-year history.

No matter what profession you belong to in your future life, you will personally witness that the values, principles and behaviors that your elders acquired thanks to your teachers under this roof will always illuminate your path.

Thus, I believe wholeheartedly that you will overcome any difficulties you will encounter with your faith in goodwill, success and struggle. I would like to thank your families and teachers for their invaluable support.
I congratulate each and every one of you. I wish you endless success and happiness in your future life.”


After the speeches, the school music group gave a concert under the direction of school teachers Mehmet Mustafa and Akif Konak.
In the continuation of the program, a short film consisting of the activities and activities carried out by the students during their education years was watched. The waltz and zeybek dance performances prepared by the students were presented.

The graduation ceremony concluded with the presentation of diplomas by the teachers to the students who successfully completed the 2021-2022 academic year, and the presentation of gifts to the students who were awarded degrees by the executive committee.

 3 students shared the school first place

There were 5 students in total who successfully completed their education at Celal Bayar Minority Secondary and High School and ranked. 3 students Rabia Perende, Mehmet Emir Mehmet and Tuğçe Mustafa shared the school's first place with 20 full points. While Kader Hüseyin was the second with 19.9 points, 2 students Eralp Ahmet and Zeynep Değermenci shared the third place with 19.8 points.

Seyhan Demiral and Ercan Değermenci, quota teachers working at Celal Bayar Minority Secondary and High School, completed their term of office this year.


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