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The party is over; elections are welcome, SYRIZA says22 June 2022

"The prime minister who ruled the country for three years and targeted SYRIZA for his failures, and who is now setting up special courts for his political opponents, today came out and basically admitted that he intends to hold early elections because... SYRIZA is to blame once again," the main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance party said on Tuesday.

Mitsotakis "is not just a fateful prime minister, who carries on his back the tragic management of the pandemic and soaring prices," SYRIZA added, but also a prime minister who "did not once have the political honesty to take responsibility [for what was done]." 

SYRIZA concluded by saying that "elections are welcome even though they are late for saving society," while warning the prime minister that "if he believes that he can salvage [the situation] before the end of the summer, it is too late."
 "The party is over," SYRIZA concluded.


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