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End of academic year message from “SÖPA” Alumni Association22 June 2022

The management of Rodophe – Evros (Meriç) Provinces Thessaloniki Private Pedagogical Academy Graduated Teachers Association has published a message due to the end of the 2021-2022 Academic year.

In the message published, "In this time period that we have completed the 2021-2022 Academic Year, we congratulate our dear students, valuable colleagues and esteemed parents, and wish all our education community a happy holiday." it was said.

In the message, recommendations were given to students, teachers and parents to have a productive summer vacation.

The message published by the association management is as follows:

“We have completed the 2021-2022 Academic Year together, in the shadow of the pandemic, by experiencing the happiness of Seeing Eye to eye with our children in our classrooms.

We have overcome this difficult process with the outstanding efforts and sacrifices of our teachers, students and parents, and we thank them for that.

Dear Students;

We have come to the end of another academic year. You have acquired new knowledge and skills throughout the year at school; you have received your report cards. Together with you, we experienced the excitement you experienced while receiving your report cards, which are the result of your efforts and work. Do not forget that the report card you receive is only a tool, not a reflection of your full potential and features. The important thing is to see your shortcomings, keep working and never stop exploring yourself.

No success is accidental. In this respect, you need to diversify your learning journey by adding new knowledge and skills on vacation on top of what you learned at school. Vacation is a unique opportunity for your plans and goals you want to realize.

Instead of spending your holiday in front of the television, computer or phone, make use of reading books, participating in sports activities, visiting cultural venues, participating in artistic activities such as cinema and theatre, making new friends, spending time with your family, helping them with their work. Try to stay away from digital games, as much as possible, which have become very common lately. While these games will waste your valuable time, they will both prevent you from socializing and cause you to experience different health problems in the future.

Dear colleagues;

We would like to thank you all for your selfless work and sacrifices for our children during the academic year that we continued face to face without a break by following the epidemic measures.
We are progressing together towards original and new plans in our educational goals.

Carrying out our goals always higher is only possible with devoted teachers like you.

With a sense of responsibility and determination, we will continue to inspire our children, who are our future and hope.
Regardless of the conditions, we will strive to take our work further every day.

Dear parents;

First of all, we would like to thank you for your hard work and support throughout the year.  Our children are our future.
It is our primary duty to equip them with the best knowledge and to ensure that they benefit from the education and training processes in the best way possible. With this awareness, we have no doubt that you will work with us as always.

Summer vacation is a valuable time period in terms of doing many activities. Family members do not have the opportunity during the academic year to do so. Try to spend more time with your children than ever before. We hope you make good use of this time frame.

We congratulate our dear students, esteemed colleagues and esteemed parents in this time period that we have completed the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

We wish all our education community a happy holiday.”

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