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Harsh response from ABTTF to Stilianidis02 March 2021Rhodope deputy Stilianidis, who frequently came to the agenda with rhetoric against Turkish Minority, this time attacked the ABTTF (Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe).

New Democracy Deputy of Rhodope, Evripidis Stilianidis made heavy accusations and criticisms against ABTTF in his statements on the "militaire.gr" website. Response from ABTTF was prompt.

Stilianidis claimed that if ABTTF was a Greece-based organization, it would be in conflict with the Greek Constitution and laws.

Stilianidis' aforementioned statements drew attention as they were made two days after the online panel held jointly by the ABTTF, the Western Thrace Minority Graduate Association, and the Greek Helsinki Observatory (GHM) on Greece's non-implementation of the ECtHR decisions on the Western Thrace Turkish minority associations. 

ABTTF responded to Stilianidis's accusations as follows: "As an international non-governmental organization, we defend the rights and interests of the Western Thrace Turkish community in the United Nations, the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament in Brussels. We do not have a different agenda. On the contrary, we have been working with government authorities, politics and civil society in Athens for the last two years, based on our belief that we can solve our problems in dialogue with the authorities in our country, being aware of the fact that Athens is the real place for the solution of our problems despite the authorities that ignored us. We make a special effort to establish the union. "

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