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Greek Parliament approves controversial "education reform package" despite protests12 February 2021Parliament approved the "education reform package", which was protested on the grounds that it would cause police intervention to universities and reduce the quality of education.

The draft law, which caused intense demonstrations by university students in the country recently, was accepted in the Greek Parliament.

The law draft, prepared by the ruling New Democracy Party, provides for the placement of uniformed unarmed special police officers on university campuses.

According to the law, which covers the subordination of these forces to the Greek Police, not to the rector's offices, access to campuses can be made with electronic scanning systems for security reasons.

The number of students to be admitted to universities will be reduced, and therefore, the funds allocated for education will also decrease.

Under the enacted reform package, diplomas from private higher education institutions will also be considered equivalent to those of state universities.

Greek police use violence against students

The "education reform package", which has been discussed in parliament for three days, was severely criticized by opposition parties.

The draft, which was opposed by the majority of academicians and university rectors, led to intense protests across the country, especially in the capital Athens and Thessaloniki, despite the strict measures taken against the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

In the events where a large number of students were detained, the harsh intervention of the police drew attention.

Students in Greece occupied the Technical University of Athens on 14 November 1973 in response to the military junta administration of the time. After the movement that turned into student resistance throughout the country in a short time, tanks intervened the students by breaking the university gate on 17 November 1973.

According to official figures, law enforcement officers were banned from entering university campuses after the incidents that resulted in the death of 39 people.
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