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Macedonian minority persecuted in Greece11 February 2021The fascist mentality in Greece applies the persecution of the Turkish Minority in Western Thrace as well as to other minorities that define themselves ethnically differently from the mainstream society. The last example of this happened in Serres.

According to Gündem newspaper, the association founded by ethnic Macedonians living in the Serres region, whose existence is denied by Greece and described as artificial identity, was first registered by the court and later declared "illegal". Association executives are now preparing to apply to the Court of Cassation (Arios Pagos).

A group of citizens living in the Serres region and identifying themselves as "indigenous" (Dopios) or Macedonian, founded an association in 2017. Established with the name of “Indigenous Brotherhood of Serre Kirilos and Methodios” (Adelfotita Dopion Nomu Serron Kirillos - Methodios), the association was first registered by the Serres Civil Court of First Instance. Later, the association was declared "illegal" by the court because of the expression "indigenous language" (dopia glossa) in its statute referring to Macedonian. The court accused the association of trying to create a distinctive linguistic and cultural community in the border region, such as Serres, with the terms "indigenous of Serres" and "indigenous language".
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