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ABTTF's video reporting the legal struggle of the Xanthi Turkish Union is on the EIN website17 November 2020The video depicts the legal struggle of the Xanthi Turkish Union, the oldest association of the Western Thrace Turkish society, which was founded in 1927 but closed due to the word "Turk" in its name.

The video that the European Western Thrace Turkish Federation (ABTTF) prepared and shared with the public about the legal struggle carried out by the Xanthi Turkish Union (ITB) before the national courts in Greece and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), has been published on the European Implementation Network (EIN) website. (http://www.einnetwork.org/blog-general/2019/12/5/repeated-refusals-to-register-associations-involving-turkish-minorities-in-greece)
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