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Ignoring the Turks by the President Sakellaropoulou during the visit to Western Thrace02 June 2020Western Thrace Turks were ignored once more by the recently elected president Katerina Sakellaropoulou during her visit to Western Thrace, on May 28.

After announcing her visit schedule Western Thrace Turks were disappointed that there was no plan related to them. Like the former president Pavlopoulos who had always claimed that there is no Turkish community in Greece but Greek-Muslim community, Sakellaropoulou carries on this policy by ignoring the Turks.

Despite the invitation by the Minority High Schooll Committee, for solving the problems related to the inadequacy of the school building, there was no answer received by the president rather she visited a school in which only Greek language is being taught for minority students, that is to say where students do not find the opportunity to take the advantage of bilingual education as it is a right clearly stated in the Treaty of Lausanne. 
This strategy of ignoring the Turkish Minority is secondly applied as previously the Prime Minister Mitsotakis had ignored the Turkish community as well. This attitude is publicly perceived as covering up the truth of the existence of the Turkish community. In other words, in Greece, one takes the advantage of basic human rights only if he/she describes himself/herself ethnically Greek. Thus Western Thrace Turks never seem to obtain their rights
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