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"The minority in Thrace is a Muslim Greek minority" claims President Pavlopoulos11 February 2020President Pavlopoulos, who had been in Western Thrace recently, repeated the rhetoric that Western Thrace Turks rejected despite all the impositions: "The Western Thrace (Turkish) Minority living in Western Thrace in Greece are Greek Muslims and this will never change." 

Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos visited the village of Maronia of Sapci (Sapes) Municipality on Monday (February 10th). The President came to the region on the occasion of the inclusion of historical Greek monuments and the village in Unesco in the Maronia region.

The Mayor of Sapci, Haritopoulos, who hosted the President Pavlopoulos in the region, declared the president as the municipality's voter by delivering the key of the municipality.

President Pavlopoulos, who visited the Municipality of Maronia at noon on Monday, February 10, spoke to citizens in Maronya at the city hall. The President stated to the citizens why he visited Maronia and gave information about historical artifacts.


President Pavlopoulos has not neglected to repeat (deny Turkish identity) the state policy, which has hurt the oppressed Western Thrace Turks for years. In fact, it is known that the main aim of every visit to Western Thrace is these denial statements. In his continuation of his speech, the President stated that the Western Thrace (Turkish) Minority living in Western Thrace in Greece are Greek Muslims and this will never change. While declaring that Greece is a country of religious freedoms, he refrained from talking to citizens with different ethnic backgrounds.
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