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Celal Bayar High School helps out Sudan10 January 2020

The students of Komotini (Gümülcine) Celal Bayar Minority High School, one of the two minority high schools operate in Western Thrace, executed an exemplary behavior by donating two water wells in Sudan, where drought exists.

Chemist Adil Akbaş, one of the teachers appointed by the authorities of Turkey (According to the Treaty of Laussane Turkey is entitled to employe a certain number of teachers in minority schools) recommended to the students to bear a hand with the people who cannot fulfill for basic vital need. The teacher's suggestion was to donate a project of drilling a well in a region of Africa where people suffer from lack of water. The students adopted this idea and immediately started a charity campaign at school.

Mainly, the students studying at the school, parents of the students, and a large number of philanthropic people who had no connection with the school contribute to this meaningful campaign.

The collected cash aid was handed over to the Ribat Education Foundation in Turkey to commit the philanthropic project of the school. RİBAT Education Foundation drilled a water well in Sudan on behalf of Komotini (Gümülcine) Celal Bayar High School Students. The teachers and the parents are proud of the students who carried out such a meaningful project.

Millet Media 

Reported by Ramadan Molla
Written by Yunus Onbaşı
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