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Greek unemployment rate fell to 16.9 pct in July13 October 2019

The Greek unemployment rate fell to 16.9 pct of the workforce in July, from 19.1 pct in July 2018 and 17.1 pct in June 2019, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Thursday.

The statistics service, in a monthly report, said the number of unemployed people totaled 797,218 in July, down 109,577 from July 2018 (a decline of 12.1 pct) and fell by 11,405 compared with June 2019 (a decline of 1.4 pct). The number of employed people is estimated at 3,909,261, up 1.5 pct from July 2018 and down 0.3 pct from June 2019.

The unemployment rate among women was 21 pct in July, from 24 pct in July 2018, while among men it fell to 13.7 pct from 15.1 pct, respectively.

The unemployment rate in the 15-24 age group fell to 32.9 pct in July from 37.8 pct in July last year; in the 25-34 age group, it fell to 22.8 pct from 24.2 pct; in the 35-44 age group, it fell to 14.3 pct from 17.3 pct; in the 45-54 age group, it fell to 14.3 pct from 16 pct; in the 55-64 age group, it fell to 14.2 pct from 14.9 pct; and in the 65-74 age group it fell to 9.3 pct from 12.7 pct.

Among the country's regions, Epirus-West Macedonia recorded the highest unemployment rate (20.3 pct from 23.1 pct in July last year), followed by Macedonia-Thrace (18.9 pct from 19.4 pct), Peloponnese-Western Greece-Ionian Islands (17.4 pct from 18.9 pct), Thessaly-Central Greece (16.9 pct from 18.7 pct), Attica (16.8 pct from 19.7 pct), Aegean (14.7 pct from 18 pct) and Crete (9.9 pct from 12.7 pct).
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