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Protest in the Minority High School of Xanthi for building inadequacy17 September 2019

Protest was held on 12, 13 and 16 September in the Minority High School of Xanthi in order to solve the building inadequacy problem.

In the Minority High School of Xanthi, there has been facing problems due to the increasing number of the students year by year. Despite the requisitions of new school or a new building, the minority has not received a satisfying result yet. Couple of years ago, a shift system started which made it compulsory for the residents of the city center to go to school afternoon, and for those who were coming from the villages to go in the morning.


That was a big problem for the students. Those who live in the city center could not have an opportunity to make activities, do sports or to attent to some other classes apart from the school. Besides, the workload of the teachers increases in this way and it becomes impossible to make an efficient lesson.

Maybe the most important is that there is a class distinction between those who live in the rural and those who live in the urban. There is no need to say that urban inhabitants have better opportunities to succeed in school, thence when the two classes are seperated it means that the rural inhabitants are prevented to get developed.


The same shift system was decided to put into effect again this year, the parents has decided to hold an action in the first days of the schools. After the protests the the parents, the Board of Direction and members of the School Family Association has visited the Provincial Directorate of Education, Xanthi Municipality and other relevant institutions to resolve the issue with the contribution of the MPs, Mayor and other significant people.


Mayor Manolis Tsepelis has accepted the parents, the Board of Direction, the School Family Association, and MPs and has promised that with the change of the mayor the situation will change too for the minority.  

After the visit to the Mayor, there was held a visit to the Deputy Regional Governor Nicos Efraimidis. The same issue was reported to the governorship as well.

Finally, the problem was reported to Secondary Education Directorate, with a statement of urgent expectation.

According to the statement of the Board of Direction (Encümen Heyeti), the Technical Units Director of the Regional Governorship has received information from Erban Planning Directorate (πολεοδομία).


However, despite all these attempts the minority has not received any result yet. According to the public, the minority high school of Xanthi will keep facing difficulties as these problems are planned for destruction of the educational status of the minority. Taking into consideration that the Minority High School of Xanthi is one of only two minority high schools and does not get any solution, it evokes that the problems are created intentionally.

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