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Millet News participates in the international conference “Voice4migrants”02 July 2019

Millet News editor, Yunus Onbaşı represented Millet News and Millet Media by participating in the international conference “Voice4migrants’ which took place in Vilnius, Lithuania.

In the international panel, besides the  participation of media professionals and journalists from various countries of European Union, Petras Auštrevičius, Lithuania's newly elected member of the EU Parliament, took the floor also in the event on behalf of the European Parliament.

The conference which had the title “Perceptions of Migration – the challenges for media professionals and the new European Parliament” took place on Friday, June 28th at the Mazvydas National Library of Vilnius.

[Voice4migrants International Conference-Participating Journalists 28/06/2019 Source: Millet Media]

The conference organizing by Media4change started with the opening speech given by the CEO of the host organization, Neringa Jurciukonyte. Subsequently, the journalists, who were working on the subject presented the results of the researches and studies on the difficulties faced by refugees.

During the solution proposals, it was emphasized, that the attitude of the NGOs, politicians and the public would play a significant role to establish a convenient adaptation of the migrants in the European countries. Additionally, the media experts could reduce the negative opinions against the immigrants by diligently continuing the public information process on the subject.

[Voice4migrants International Conference-Participating Journalists 28/06/2019 Source: Millet Media]

After the presentations and solution proposals of speakers on the subject matter, Petras Auštrevičius, Lithuania's newly elected member of the EU Parliament, spoke on behalf of the European Parliament. At his speech, Auštrevičius talked about the problems related to immigrants and the solutions proposals of the European Parliament.

[Voice4migrants International Conference-European Parliament member Petras Auštrevičius 28/06/2019 Source: Millet Media]

Following the speech of European Parliament member Petras Auštrevičius, international journalists participating in the program shared their proposals for a solution. In this part of the conference, journalists from countries such as Germany, Italy, England, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Greece drew attention to the problems of refugees in their countries. Millet News editor Yunus Onbaşı expressed the difficulties of refugees living in Greece and passing through Greece. During his speech, Onbaşı referred to the unfavorable living conditions of the refugees in Greece and the ill-treatment suffered by refugees.

[Voice4migrants International Conference-Millet News Editor Yunus Onbaşı 28/06/2019 Source: Millet Media]

Multinational journalists, from diverse countries, caught the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas in the workshop, which took the floor in the last part of the program. While discussing the problems of freedom of the press, our editor talked about the problems of newspapers and media outlets in Greece's Western Thrace region by referring the oppressions on Millet Media. Yunus Onbaşı stated that his European colleagues approached the issue with interest and they found the policy of repression applied especially on the Minority Press surprising and contrary to the principles of press freedom.

After the conference, in his statement, Yunus Onbaşı representing Greece and Millet Media said that he found the event very successful and the program brought together journalists who are sensitive to the migrant crisis in Europe.

Source: Millet Media

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