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Europe marks Eid under shadow of coronavirus01 August 2020

Muslims across Europe on Friday celebrated Eid al-Adha under the shadow of the novel coronavirus.

Muslims in Germany's Berlin and Cologne flocked to mosques to perform the Eid prayer. Prayers were performed more than once as not many people could gather due to strict social distancing rules.

Muslims filled the mosques in Berlin’s Tegel Selimiye Mosque which is operated under the Turkish-Muslim umbrella group DITIB.

In Italy, thousands of Muslims performed Eid prayers in their cities maintaining social distancing rules.

In Belgium, a large number of Turks in the capital Brussels gathered for the Eid prayer in the Fatih Mosque.

In Greece, thousands of Muslims belonging to the Turkish Minority filled the mosques in Western Thrace.  

Prayers were held maintaining social distancing rules, with people bringing their own prayers rugs and contact information of everyone was taken.

In Sweden, Eid prayers were not performed in mosques due to the virus.

In the Bredang District of Stockholm, Muslims performed prayers at two football fields.

Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde took to Twitter to mark the occasion and posted: “I wish Muslims around the world a happy, healthy and peaceful Eid al-Adha!”

Most Muslim-majority countries around the world, including Turkey, are observing the four-day holiday starting on Friday.

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