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95 year-old man from Şahin village beats coronavirus09 July 2020Ahmet Manafoğlu, who is from Şahin village of İskeçe (Xanthi), managed to beat the coronavirus at the age of 95. Ahmet Manafoğlu was brought to his home by ambulance as the last resident from Şahin in Alexandroupolis Hospital.

About two weeks ago, the old man who had mild symptoms at his home was tested. Although the symptoms were mild when the test result was positive, the next day he was taken to the Covid department of Alexandroupolis hospital for precautionary purposes. Ahmet Manafoğlu, who was kept under control in the hospital for about 10 days, was discharged from the hospital after he tested negative twice and brought to his home by ambulance.

This positive development was morale for the residents of Şahin, who had a difficult time for the last month with the discharge of 95-year-old Ahmet Manafoğlu. With the discharging of Ahmet Manafoğlu it was reported that nobody left from Şahin in the hospital

The return of Ahmet Manafoğlu to his home was a source of joy for his family, relatives, neighbors and all residents of Şahin. Ahmet Manafoğlu who managed to beat the coronavirus at the age of 95, did not have any serious health problem.
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