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Turks be exposed to racism in Greece throughout the pandemic30 June 2020Increasing cases in Western Thrace, Greece, led the State make collective tests in the region

However, while Turks in Western Thrace had been tested several times for COVID-19 in the last one month, the local Greek media created a perception that the virus exists only in the minority villages. 

This attitude of the racist media led to a social seperation between Turks and Greeks especially in İskeçe (Xanthi) where culturally various groups had been living in peace for centuries.

In the recent days it was observed that the Turks are treated as infected among public sphere, thus they are segregated from public spaces such as cafeterias, restaurants, supermarkets etc.

People are questioning why the tests are being held only in minority villages but not in regions especially in islands dense in terms of tourism where social interaction is more intense.
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