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Most of the announced cases in Greece are from Western Thrace18 June 2020The number of Covid-19 cases announced in Greece today is 55. 49 of these cases are from Western Thrace.

In the news published in the national press, it was stated that 43 of 55 coronavirus cases announced for the whole country are from the province of Xanthi (İskeçe), 6 of them are from the province of Rhodopes, 3 of the cases were from Pella province, 2 of them from Athens and one from abroad.

It was noted that 5 out of 43 cases detected in the province of Xanthi were from the Municipality of Xanthi and the remaining 38 cases from the Municipality of Myki (Mustafçova).

In Rhodopes province, it was stated that 3 out of 6 cases were from Ayazma village and the other 3 were from Komotini city center related to the cases in Ayazma.
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