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Greece enters phase 4 of coronavirus lockdown exit26 May 2020

Ferries resume services, cafes and restaurants to reopen with strict social distancing rules and safety regulations

After almost two months of a strict coronavirus lockdown, Greece on Monday entered its fourth phase of lifting restrictions by resuming its ferry services as well as reopening cafes and restaurants.

Prime Minister had announced early March a total lockdown in the country in order to curb the spread of the virus making Greece one of the first countries imposing early safety measures.

Ferry services resumed sailing to all Greek islands and mainland ports with strict physical distancing measures as well as health safety protocols which include body temperature readings and a health questionnaire.

The ban, however, still covers ferries sailing between Greece and Italy, which are expected to resume on June 1.

Food and beverage businesses are to reopen today, seating people outdoors or inside with at least one side facing the open air.

However, owners will not be allowed to let in more than one person per square meter of their surface area and there should also be at least 0.70-1.70 meter space between customer chairs and tables.

Staff will be obliged to wear masks and observe all sanitary precautions, including in rest rooms.

Greece have so far recorded 2,878 coronavirus cases, according to the official data, while COVID-19 has killed 172 people in the country which has tested nearly 154,000 people.

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