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Mufti Ahmet Mete receives 4 months imprisonment27 February 2020İskeçe (Xanthi) Mufti Ahmet Mete was sentenced to 4 months in prison in the trial where he was tried in Thessaloniki on charges of "authority extortion". Mufti Mete, who was acquitted of one of the charges against him, received 7-month sentence from the first-instance court was ruled in the appellate court as 4 months. It was decided that the sentence of the mufti Mete to be postponed for 3 years. Erkan Azizoğlu, the imam of Gökçepınar village, who was tried in the same case, was acquitted from both charges.

A lawsuit was filed with the complaint of appointed mufti Mehmet Emin Şinikoğlu, against the mufti Ahmet Mete and imam Erkan Azizoğlu that they did a religious service although there was an official clerk in the funeral of Ahmet Katunlu, who drowned and died during his military service on July 14, 2016.

On Wednesday, February 26, in the appeal case in Thessaloniki courthouse, while Ahmet Mete was advocated by Xanthi lawyer Yannis Barkas, Xanthi deputy Hüseyin Zeybek, Gökçepınar Quran teacher Salih Belço and the parents of the soldier Ahmet Katunlu who passed away were heard as witnesses.

Chrisa Outsi, one of the managers of ANEL Party who is from Xanthi, witnessed against the Mufti Mete as she attended the funeral as well.

For the case in Thessaloniki, a group of 150 people from Xanthi went to Thessaloniki to support the mufti Ahmet Mete and imam Erkan Azizoğlu.

While an imprisonment was previously envisaged in the criminal law for the authority of extortion, as of July 1, 2019, due to the amendments made in the criminal law, the prison sentence is no longer foreseen for "authority extortion". Pursuant to the relevant article of the penal code, which came into force as of July 1, 2019, fines or charity services for "authority extortion" are envisaged. Despite this change in the criminal law, it is considered a legal mistake by the lawyers to give Xanthi Mufti Ahmet Mete the prison sentence with the charge of "authority extortion". The case is expected to be brought to the Supreme Court.
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