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Greece News search:SearchMinister Kerameos who visited the Patriarchate: Hellenism (in Turkey) is standing thanks to our church and school20 February 2020Another blow to religious freedom in Greece20 February 2020Greece cannot deny Muslim Turkish minority: Turkey18 February 2020Ottoman mosques cast historic light in Greek capital15 February 2020ANALYSIS - Western Thrace under French rule (1919-1920)15 February 2020Turkish, Greek defense ministers meet in Brussels13 February 2020"The minority in Thrace is a Muslim Greek minority" claims President Pavlopoulos11 February 2020Greek EU lawmaker sanctioned over tearing Turkish flag11 February 2020Neo-Nazist politician Lagos files a criminal complaint against the mufti08 February 2020'Greece can resolve disputes with Turkey to help both'03 February 2020Burhan BARAN and ─░lhan AHMET condemned Lagos, who tore the Turkish flag01 February 2020Greek lawmaker to be sanctioned by EU Parliament31 January 2020Greek lawmaker rips apart Turkish flag in EU Parliament30 January 2020Western Thrace Turks commemorate "January 29"30 January 2020Turkish deputies of the Greek parliament requested a monumental tomb for minority martyrs30 January 2020Condolences and messages of support from Western Thrace Turks to Turkey30 January 2020View moreGo to top
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